They Released Our Shirts!

In last year’s report, I shared how over 450 shirts donated to us by the Louisville Triple Crown of Running were confiscated from us at the Punta Cana airport in the Dominican Republic.  The airport refused to release the shirts without the payment of a $400 tax and, eventually, over $1,000 in accumulating storage fees. We wrote numerous letters and emails to the airport, the Dominican Republic customs department, our local Senator and the Dominican Republic Ambassador to the U.S. requesting that the shirts be released so that we could give them to underprivileged children in their country. We are happy to finally report that as a result of a letter that we sent to the White House – the State Department followed up with us by phone and eventually resolved the issue for us. In January, the shirts were released to the Dominican churches that we partner with.  Here is a picture of the Punta Cana church with the shirts…


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