Starfish Kids Seek Resources to Further Education


Some of the children we have supported over the past 5 years have finally graduated from high school.  These students have a real desire to continue their education and would love to go to college. They are hoping to have the resources to enroll in college classes sometime over the next 6 months. This year, Starfish helped equip them with some basic school supplies. But the students will still need to come up with resources sufficient to cover tuition, registration, books and transportation costs. Starfish is in the process of exploring options for starting a college scholarship fund that would help some of these young adults meet their tuition requirements.  We are excited to see what God has in store for this new initiative.  If you would like to help provide a college education for a young man or young lady from the Dominican Republic, please let us know. Tuition at a Dominican college is just $1,000/yr., while the tuition at a medical/dental school is just $2,000/yr.

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