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Mission work is not for the meek of heart and it takes special people to volunteer their time and their hearts to make a difference in a different country. We couldn’t do what we do on the scale in which we do it without our wonderful volunteers and we’d like you to meet them.

Nicole Nathan

nicoleI am so grateful for the wonderful opportunity to work with Starfish. I was able to learn so much from this experience, not only about the Dominican Republic but also about mission trips. This was my first time on a mission trip, and I cannot thank Mike and Chelsey enough for teaching me about mission work and for Ryan and Erin and the people at the EDCM churches for hosting us and introducing me to Dominican life. The community and leadership at those churches was very inspiring, and getting to see Mike interact with students that have been sponsored for years was a great thing to see. I hope that this becomes the first of many trips to the Dominican.

Chelsey Franz


Some people reflect God’s glory very obviously. Yet what really spoke to me was the long term effect this ministry has for the sponsored children. High school and Starfish graduates, who were now either attending college or planning to attend college, came with us each day to help with the shopping process. Some of these college-aged kids came after class or before a test to give of their time as best they could…because they understood, and felt first hand, the impact that Starfish has on their community.  This ministry provides not only acute assistance to the kids, but also long-term assistance as well.obviously.  Through their actions and words, observers can note God’s will being done in their lives. This past August, I was privy to being such an observer when I went on the Starfish Mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Beth and Mike Searcy allow God’s work to be done through their ministry by providing the funds to purchase school uniforms and supplies for hundreds of children from 4 different churches in the Eastern DR. Kids as young as 4 and 5 years old were blessed with new shoes, shirts, pants and backpacks. The impact this ministry has on the Dominican people is incredible.

Starfish is on their 6 year traveling to the DR to work with the local churches and support the local children in their quest to get an education. Mike is loved and revered in the churches because the families see the impact his work (His work) through Starfish has on their kids. Former sponsored children return to help the younger children pick out the right shoes for the upcoming school year. Parents greet and hug Mike at the Sunday church service. Pre-lunch prayers thank God not only for the food, but for Starfish coming yet again to help the community.

God’s work is obvious in this ministry, and His will is being done in the Searcy family.

I am a doctoral student in Public Health. My goals are to make mission work part of my and my family’s life and through my education, learn about children and families in poverty situations. This was only my second mission trip, but I hope to go on several more. I have 2 daughters (Addi — 9yrs old, Gwynnie — 6 yrs old), 1 husband (Eddie — special ed teacher with JCPS), 1 dog (Koa — 1 yr old). We moved from Oregon 2 yrs ago. We enjoy sports, outdoor activities and Louisville 🙂

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