StarfishCoverPhotoStarfish Missions is a faith-based, nonprofit organization that partners with Christian churches in the Dominican Republic, providing underprivileged children with educational opportunities.

Many families in the Dominican Republic cannot afford to buy their children the basic school supplies that are required in order to attend a public school. Items that every child must have include:

  •    proper shoes
  •    school and P.E. uniform
  •    notebooks and pencils

Without an education, many children turn to drugs and prostitution. Studies show that less than half graduate from high school. Your gift brings hope not only to the children you help, but the entire community. Starfish Missions seeks to provide these children with the resources they need to stay in school; giving them hope for the future and a better quality of life.

Throughout the year, Starfish maintains ongoing communication with the Christian churches that we partner with to identify children who are not in school because they cannot afford the basic necessities. Every August, Starfish representatives travel to the Dominican Republic, bringing the funds from the generous support of our donors to help the identified children. Following the annual trip, all donors receive an annual report that includes photos and information on all of the children as well as letters from some of the children and families supported that year.

In 2007, while Starfish was still in the process of getting organized, a total of 25 children in the community of La Romana were provided everything they needed to attend school. We have grown and have been able to help more children each year, and in August of 2015 God blew us away as Starfish, now in our 8th year, was able to provide nearly 450 children across three communities in the DR with the supplies they needed to attend school this year.

Thank you for visiting our website!  We hope you will consider making a gift that will change a child’s life forever.

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